Inspired by Scheri, a friend on the Craftsy blog, I pulled out a top that I had cut out and stitched it together. I love it!  My top is from Simplicity 2364, but Scheri's pattern is McCall's 6284~ both very similar tops.

This top is a very simple top, a great wardrobe builder, but I will make anything difficult. ;-(  

I got stuck when it came time to put the sleeve on. I couldn't figure out why my back yoke seam was meeting up with the shoulder point on my sleeve. I took the sleeves back out and pulled the yoke/collar apart from the sides. I stopped and went to Pattern Review to see if anyone else was having this problem. I became very concerned when I saw this pattern had been reviewed 34 times, and just about everyone of them said that they loved the top, the instructions were easy to follow, and they would sew it several times again.

I thought, what is my problem. As I'm typing this, I realize that I was thinking of the yoke/collar piece all wrong. I was thinking of it as a front with the back yoke attached. So, I was trying to make my upper back piece be a yoke.

Anyway, after reading all of these happy-go-lucky reviews, I just decided to sew everything back up as the pattern instructed. Wouldn't you know I,too, could 've had a very easy top from the very beginning.

Here again, trying too get some sewing in while tired is not always wise.

I did have problems with the directions at # 5. But, again, I was tired. ( Note to self: STOP SEWING WHILE I'M TIRED.

I did make a minor sleeve change which I love. You'll see in the review.

I had to make some adjustments, but I absolutely love my top.

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Comment by Alethia on September 21, 2012 at 12:32am

Thanks Sheila!

Comment by Sheila Elliott on September 21, 2012 at 12:18am

Beautiful top Alethia! It looks really cozy- it would be warm for a Canadian winter!!BRRRRR-IT'S COMING SOON!!LOL!





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